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Agios Nikolaos
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Trachila, a wild place in February!

Places to go, Trachila

Trachila is where you wind up if you continue south after passing Pantazi Beach in Agios Nikolaos.
The road ends here and it almost feels as if the world does too!

Pirates' cave
The road there has cliffs going down to the sea on one side and cliffs with cactii going up on the other. It has a really wild feel to it!
And so it fits perfectly that there is an old pirates' cave along the road!
You can climb up and take a look inside. It's a good idea to wear long trousers because the (10 m. long) path does get completely overgrown at times.
The caves continue at the back but don't go in too far if you don't want to get lost!  



Entrance to the pirates' cave     Hope all the pirates have gone...     The pirates could see evrything from up here

Trachila is a small fisherman's village with one or two kafenions.
You can walk through the small streets and maybe you will find the playground by the sea!

Trachila in summer     An old olive press     Getting some shopping done in the village

Every year, when Trachila celebrates its Panigiri, relatives return to the village from other parts of Greece and abroad.
The whole village is busy with excitement days before the festivities start. A lot of cooking, cleaning, preparing and discussing!
On the night of the festivities cars are lined up outside the village, nose in the right direction because it might not be possible to turn later.
The live band will be playing music on the church square and people dancing. Gypsies sell children's toys that give off a lot of light and noise. When there isn't enough room for everyone to eat on the church square, more tables are set up on the flat terrain below by the harbour.
The festivities continue until late into the night. The next days everything is cleaned up and quiet returns to Trachila. Until next year.....

Walking down to the cove

The cove on a quiet day!

The cove
When you enter Trachila and continue to where the road stops, there is a dirt road. This dirt road follows in a straight line and then makes a sharp turn to the left. Look down here and you will see a cove down below where the sea comes thundering in. If the weather is quiet you can climb down to take a closer look.
There is a small path that you can walk down.

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