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Agios Nikolaos
Day trip: Gytheio & Mystras


Laila and Vassili got married in the church at Proastio!

Places to go, Proastio

Proastio is a lovely little village to stroll through. Life has not changed all that much for the people that live here.
As soon as you drive into the village you will see the water basins where the women used to collect water and do their laundry. You can park your car here or continue up a little on the main street and park your car at the church. This is just one of Proastio's many churches. The village was surrounded by a ring of churches (some say 365!) as protection against pirates. The idea being that a pirate would be afraid to do anything wrong after just having past a church.
There are a couple of kafenions in the village. One across from the big church in the centre square. You will find a lovely little taverna if you park your car on the main road at the church. There is also a walking sign to Kalamitsi there. With your back to the church, go left and turn right into a small alley that immediately turns left again and up. The taverna is on your right.

Ofcourse everywhere around Proastio is great to walk. But if you like to stick to signposted routes then there are a few possibilities.
From Proastio there are signposted routes going down to Foneas beach and to Kalamitsi beach.
Walking from Proastio to Foneas beach To go to Foneas beach you start at the main street and turn into the last street on the left before leaving the village in the direction of Stoupa and Kardamili. This is before the kafenion on that side of the street.Just continue straight-on in this street until you see the green sign post.
To go to Kalamitsi you start at the church on the mainstreet where there is a signpost.
The bridge over the gorge

There is also a route going up to Saidona. It has two starting points:
The first is to take the footpath into the gorge and continue up the mountain under the old bridge.
You will reach the gorge by walking on the mainroad, direction from Stoupa to Saidona. At the corner where there is a metal construction company you turn right, up the steep concrete road. Follow this road past a quarry and continue straight-on. After a while you should see the sign leading you down into the gorge. If instead, you continue on the road you will cross the bridge. Apparently if you stay on this road you will end up in Neochori.
Walking the gorge in the opposite direction, going down, will lead you to Foneas beach. But I would not recommend it because you will have to go downsome big boulders. So the gorge is better to go up than go down.
The second start of the route to Saidona is to cross the bridge and follow the sign to the footpath at your left.
An evening stroll through the countryside
Horse riding
There is a special page with info about riding in Proastio. The next riding school can be found in Kalamata.
Read more about the Proastio Riding Centre

How to get there
Proastio is a mountain village about 6 km from Villa To Kyma. You go there by taking the road to Kardamyli. Just before you reach Kalamitsi (between Stoupa and Kardamyli) you will see a sharp turn to the right going up the mountain. Take this turn and Proastio is the first village on your way.  

Rooftops of Proastio    Sunset 
Church on the square  No cars here!
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