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Agios Nikolaos
Day trip: Gytheio & Mystras
Day trip: Inner Mani


Stoupa boulevard and main beach

Places to go

Stoupa is only 500 meters from Villa To Kyma. It is a lively village with a lot of possibilities for an unforgettable holiday. At the boulevard, that is closed for traffic in summer, you will find a lot of restaurants. There are also a couple of bars and discos. Still Stoupa is not a very busy touristic town. It has held on to its original charm and a lot of that is to do with the fact that quite a few houses have been built with natural stone. Also, building higher than 7 meters is not allowed so you will not find highrise apartments here. Stoupa has three golden beaches: Ofcourse there is the long sandy beach by the boulevard. A little to the north you will find Kalogria Beach. Surrounded by trees, a few taverna's and a loungebar this cosy little beach is by far our favorite. Its gradual slope also makes it safe for children. The writer Níkos Kazantzakis (1883-1957) lived here and based his character Zorba the Greek on the local foreman of a mine.
Kardamyli's rooftops

Kardamyli is 6 kms to the north of Stoupa. The village looks very picturesc, especially when you enter it from the direction of Stoupa and you see all the red rooftops.The village has a nice square and there are also a couple of restaurants and tavernas by the sea. Most shops are in the main street. Kardamyli used to be the hiding place of the Troupakis clan, who were nicknamed Mourtzinos or 'bulldog', because of their tenacity in battle. You can still climb up the towers they built to protect themselves. Kardamyli is the starting point of some of the finest walks in the area.
Selling fish at the pitoresque harbour of Agios Nikolaos

Agios Nikolaos
This sea-side village (2-3 km's from the villa) is said to have the most photogenic harbour in the Mani. In the mornings you can visit the small fishmarket there. Agios Nikolaos has a very relaxed atmosphere. Its small boulevard is closed for traffic in summer. If you go a little further along the coast you will come to Pantazee. It has a small beach with taverna. Agios Dimitrios has a small harbour and its own Mani-tower.

This lovely village in the mountains above Kardamyli is well worth a visit.
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The Byzantine city of Mystras Mystras
This old Byzantine city is close to Sparta and we can really recommend it. This uninhabited city itself is wonderful and overlooks the complete valley. The trip there will lead you through some beautiful and sometimes spectacular landscapes. Especially if you drive in a big circle. You will pass Gytheio when you go to Mystras. Returning home you can take the Northern route through the mountain pass and on to Kalamata.

Pirgos Dirou
The Pirgos Dirou caves are amongst the most spectacular in Greece. You can visit them as part of an excursion to Inner Mani. This trip includes Areopoli, Vathia and ancient Cape Tenaron.
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Other places to visit when you are in the Peleponnese are Olympia, Messene, Kalamata, Areopoli, Gytheio, Sparti and Monemvasia.

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