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Things to do, Nightlife

In Summer most people spend their days on the beach relaxing.
When it cools down at night the people come out for a "volta" or stroll. The boulevard closes for traffic at night and Greek and foreign families go out.
There are plenty of nice restaurants within walking distance from Villa To Kyma. Restaurants and bars have crowded terraces outside and are open until late. Most Greeks don't go out for dinner before ten o'clock at night in Summer. But you are welcome at most hours of the day!
There is a wide choice in both meat dishes and fish. There are also lots of vegetarian dishes in Greek cuisine.
Children are welcome everywhere.

There are a few bars and discos in Stoupa but not many. Most discos are in Kalamata.
Patriko Pub usually has a big screen with sports on and they will have a sign out advertising what's on. Important games like the Olympics will be on in many places.

Kardamyli and Agios Nikolaos also have nice restaurants and are worth a visit at night.

Going out for a meal at Akroyiali in Stoupa     The food is about to be served at Akroyiali      To Steki is great if you feel like a snack or just drinks

You will also want to keep an eye out for banners and posters along or over the road advertising a Panagyri. Unfortunately they are usually in Greek so maybe it's wise to ask around.
A Panagyri is the annual village festival that most villages celebrate in Summer, in honour of their patron saint.
The festivities usually take place on the church square or in the harbour. There will be a live band with (often very loud) Greek music and dancing. You buy your food and drinks there: tender roast pig that the butcher chops off for you, Greek salad, tzaziki, olives, bread etc. It's self service so you will have to look where the queue is.

Other posters to watch are of Greek celebrities performing in the area. These concerts usually take place outside. Mostly in Kalamata though and they don't start before ten o 'clock at night. I went to a concert in Athens that didn't start until half past eleven and went on until three thirty in the morning. And it was great!
Closer by than Kalamata is the Mani Theatre. It's about 15 minutes by car from Stoupa and high up in the mountains. This open-air theatre is new but built in half a circle like the ancient theatres. From here you can see the stars, the sea and Stoupa down in the distance. Again, keep an eye out for the posters!

Panagyri in Niochori (just up the road)     Dance group who regularly perform at Mani Theatre      Everybody has a go
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