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The Taygetos mountains with the pyramid shaped Profitis Ilias (2406 m.) as it's highest peak

Places to go, Kardamyli

Kardamyli is a seaside village about 6 km's north of Stoupa. You will drive through it on your way from Kalamata to Stoupa.

Kardamyli is a beautiful old village and even though it lies directly at sea I wouldn't describe it as a fisherman's village. Daily life doesn't take place by the sea but is centered around Kardamyli's High Street and the church square. It's great to have a coffee there in the morning and watch everyone going about their business.
From the High Street you will see signs to a few restaurants and bars by the sea. Lela's Tavern is a nice place to eat.

If you want to go shopping in Kardamyli it's good to remember that all their shops are closed from 14.00 to 17.00. Fun shopping seems to be more expensive in Kardamyli than in Stoupa. Saying that I would have to make an exception for the bead shop on the High Street. We have created lots of great gifts there for others and ourselves!

The Agios Spiridon church in the old town

Old Kardamyli is well worth a visit.
Homer cites Kardamyli as one of the seven cities offered by Agamemnon to Achilles as a condition to rejoin the fight during the Trojan War.
Now the old town consists of the dwellings of the Troupiani or Troupakis-Mourtzinos clan from the early 18th century. Amongst others there is a fortified tower house with a well at the bottom of it.
To get there you drive through Kardamyli and turn right before the bridge. You can park your car by the river bed and walk up, following the signs to the Old Town.

The Old Town is the starting point of a 2 1/2 hour hiking route that is perfect for children. There will be lots of things to see for them: first the old town where they can explore a tower house. Then walking up the mountain they will pass a small church (not always open) and the two graves cut out in rock of the twins Kastor and Polydeukes, the dioscuri, also known as Castor and Pollux.
Going up further is a storage place for water and then the turn right to the small church of Agia Sophia. Past the cemitary down into a surprisingly green gorge and up again to Petrovouni, where you will see another water cistern and old wash basins. You can walk through Petrovouni or go round it, in either case you will end up at the top of a zig zag kalderimi going down to Kardamyli.
The views are spectacular all the way with the sea, the old town of Kardamyli and the high mountains and woods.

Siesta in Kardamyli     The old town of Kardamyli while walking to Agia Sophia     Church just outside Petrovouni

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