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Spectacular view on the ridge of the Taygetos with the sea on both sides!

Things to do, Cycling

Cycling is another sport that is done a lot in the Mani. It is possible to bring your own bicycle by air but bicycles are also for rent in Stoupa, Agios Nikolaos and Kardamili.
We usually rent mountain bikes from 2407 Mountain activities in Kardamyli. But this is for the heavier stuff...

Make sure you have a good map when you go cycling, water and food. Also bring a jacquet or something warm since the weather up in the mountains can be a lot different from Stoupa (as we found out when unexpectedely caught in cold and rain).

In Stoupa you can rent bicycles at Stoupa Rentals. Included are a lot of accessories: helmets, padlocks, repair kits, pump and spanners. They have the possibility of Emergency Call Out with a van that is equipped with replacement bikes and spares.
Open every day 09.00-13.00 and 17.00-19.00
Just outside Trachila where the gorge is Office: 0030 27210 77968

Agios Nikolaos
Vangelis owns the bike rental in Agios Nikolaos, just off the harbour. Take the street between the icecream parlour and the gift shop and follow the signs.
He is also making trips in the area.
Mob.: 0030 6983 708 091

In Kardamili a new shop opened in 2008: "2407" Mountain activities. They rent out bikes but also organise trekking and bike routes going as far up as mount Profitis Ilias (2407 m.). They also do guided routes that are closer by like walking to a mountain village and cycling down again.
Office: 0030 27210 73752
Lots of exciting pictures at:

Cycle path between Stoupa and Agios Nikolaos
Some of the bike rentals also have organised tours, like the one going along the coast from Stoupa or Agios Nikolaos to Trachila.
It's very easy to do on your own:

The beginning of the cycle path in Stoupa When you cycle from Stoupa to Agios Nikolaos you don't have to take the main road. There is a quiet cycle path between the two villages that follows the coastline. In Stoupa it starts at the school, just take the small road left of the school where the waterpump is.
Follow this dirtroad through the olive groves towards the sea.
Can't miss it! (see the picture?!)

After you've reached Agios Nikolaos you can go on along the coast to Trachila. This will be hard work in places but well worth your effort. It's a beautiful wild strip of road with high rocks on one side and the sea crashing in on the other. Big cactii hang down from the rocks, there are usually some birds of prey to be seen and there is a pirates'cave.
At the end of Trachila the road stops and it feels like you've arrived at the end of the world. Luckily you can buy a drink there or else there's a watertap by the church.
If you're still up for it you can continue along the coast for 500 meters on a dirt road. This will bring you to a small cove in the water where the sea really comes crashing in! Even more spectacular if you climb down to the entrance to the cove (footpath of sorts on the left).

Harbour Agios Nikolaos Cycling back to Stoupa along the coast

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