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Marc, Sonia, Tessa and Bart when they first bought the house in 2005!

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Or just call us: +31-33-4550141 or +31-6-53392697 (mobile)

We are a Dutch family of four: Marc Kruiger, Sonia Farrar and our two children Tessa and Bart. We have been in love with Greece for a long time now: ever since we took our first long trip to Greece some 20 years ago in a wreck of a car with no money to spend. Since then we have been to lots of places in the world but Greece has always stayed a favorite. Even more so when we had small children and realised how wonderful the Greek people are with them. We have been to a lot of different places in Greece, not just the islands but also on the mainland. We would love to be in Greece all the time and maybe we will be in the future. For now attachments to family, work and school keep us in The Netherlands. Sonia started to learn Greek in 2003 but it takes time!

In Spring 2005 our dream of having a house in Greece suddenly became a real possibility. And that's when we bought our house in Stoupa in the Peleponnese and started to complete it.

Swallowtail in our bougainville


Links in English This great site is made by the people who publish the magazine Inside The Mani every year.You can read the magazine online - a very good way to learn more about the Mani. Here you will find information, pictures and wallpapers of the area posted by the municipality of Lefktro (that Stoupa belongs to). Lots of usefull information on this site. Walks in the Taygetos, flora and fauna etc. etc. This site is not just about Gytheio, but also about Mani and Mystras. Lots of photos and videos for you to watch.

Dutch links This is a Dutch page with a lot of links to other Greece-related sites. Our favourite Greek restaurant in Amersfoort and the place we go when we miss Greece!

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