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Sunset at Foneas beach

Things to do, Sun sea and sand

The beaches in Stoupa are great with their golden sand, closeby and easy to find.

But there are a lot more beautiful beaches in the immediate area of Villa To Kyma.
So why not explore a little and find out what's your favorite? A change is always nice.
And although Kalogria will get quite busy in July and August all the other beaches remain relatively quiet.

So here's a list of all the beaches in the area. Whatever beach you go to: facing west they all have fantastic sunsets!

Closest to Villa To Kyma, Stoupa has two sandy beaches.
Kalogria is north of Stoupa and then there's the beach along the boulevard.

Beach Volleyball on Kalogria beach Kalogria
Set in a cosy bay this is the perfect little beach. Trees line the beach, sunbeds and umbrellas are for hire, there are a few tavernas and 2 loungebars. The waterlevel gets deeper very gradually making it safe for children to swim. The sand is great to build all sorts of sandcastles and sculptures.

Kalogria has a lot of sweet water springs that surface in the sea. You will be able to feel the difference when you're swimming: at the left side of the bay the water is usually warmer than at the right. There is also some exploring to do. If you dig in one of the puddles on the tiny beaches to the left of Kalogria you will see fresh water flowing up from the ground!

Kalogria is also nice for teenagers and young adults. Lots of young people visit it in summer and spend the afternoon playing beach tennis and beach volleyball.

Stoupa's boulevard

The boulevard
There is a long stretch of beach along Stoupa's boulevard. Some of the taverna's let you use their beds, like To Steki. The boulevard is always lively with a quieter corner on the beach below Enigma.

In summer the boulevard is closed for traffic at night and everyone comes out for an evening stroll. People go for a drink or a meal, look at the shops or watch a sports match. Children play outside and on the beach. It's all very relaxed.

Pebble beach at Ta Delfina Ta Delfinia
Just north of Stoupa is Camping Ta Delfinia.
Go down and at the end you will reach a foot path to a small public beach. There are small pebbles on the beach and the water has the most amazing shade of blue.
In Summer there is a taverna where you
can get a drink and snacks.

Agios Nikolaos
Drive through the village towards Agios Dimitrios and Trachila. After crossing a small bridge you will see Pantazi (pronounce PandaZEE) to the right. Pantazi is split in 2 parts by some large rocks. The beach has sand and pebbles. The first part can be a bit messy because people camp out there sometimes. Just drive on along the road where there is a large taverna. Park here and you will reach the beach by passing the entrance of the restaurant. Sunbeds available. For some reason the sand seems to get extra hot on this beach. So put some shoes on when you walk to the shower! The beach is nice with small pebbles, usually not too busy. And the restaurant serves good food so what more could you want!

Loads of fun! Trachila
On the road between Trachila and Agios Dimitrios are some rocks where nude sunbathing is permitted.

You wouldn't have guessed since Proastio is a mountain village, but Proastio has its own beach!

It is called Foneas beach and is in a corner on the road from Stoupa to Kardamyli. Even though it lies under the main road you cannot hear the traffic at all. Foneas is a beach with large pebbles. No sunbeds or umbrellas there but giant rocks in the sea. They provide shade, you can jump off them, swim through a small cave and do snorkeling. It has a small snackbar, I don't think there are any toilets.
View of Foneas Beach walking down from Proastio

There is a beautiful walk that starts at Foneas beach and takes you up the gorge to Proastio. Leave the gorge before you come to the large bridge, keep an eye out for piles of stones that mark the exit from the gorge. Have a drink at one of Proastio's kafenions and return back to Foneas on the kalderimi. It will be well worth your effort!

View of Ritsa beach

The beach at Katamitsi is very quiet. There is no catering.

Drive into Kardamyli and immediately after the big church turn left into a small road. Follow the road down and you will see Ritsa beach.
A long stretch of beach with pebbles and some vulcanic sediments, good to do some exploring but wear shoes!
There are a few tavernas (one with a shaded garden) and sunbeds for hire.

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