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Agios Nikolaos
Day trip: Gytheio & Mystras
Day trip: Inner Mani


The harbour in Agios Nikolaos

Places to go, Agios Nikolaos

Agios Nikolaos, or Selinitsa, is 2 km's south of Stoupa.
It's a lovely fisherman's village with a cosy harbour.

Relaxing on a terrace by the harbour you will always find something to see. The men usually gather at the kafenion, fish will be brought in and sold in the mornings and fishermen will be working on their boats.
It's nice to walk around the village and explore it a little.
During summer the boulevard closes for traffic at night. This is the time when the children are playing, the four or five restaurants start getting customers and whole families stroll by on their "volta".

Ofcourse you can drive down to Agios Nikolaos but it is just as easy to cycle there. A cycle path has been made alongside the sea between Stoupa and Agios Nikolaos. You can read more about the route here

Continue south along the sea and you will come to Pantazi Beach (pronounce: Pandazee). The first part of this beach can get a bit messy if there are campers about. But if you follow the road until you see a restaurant with big round lights on the terrace you will find a clean beach with free sunbeds. The restaurant offers good food and is the perfect place to have lunch if you're spending a day on the beach.
It is also open in winter when the setting is completely different and everyone gathers around the fireplace.






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